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It’s May, guess what that means? It’s #mentalhealthawarenessmonth

This might look like a normal black and white selfie. But there is so much more going on in the picture. On the outside I may look perfectly content, but on the inside; my mind is racing, my heart is pounding, I’m on the verge of tears, it feels like I can’t breathe, and I am on the brink of a full on panic attack.

As I type this, my hands are shaking with adrenaline. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. I have to work every single day just to do normal everyday tasks. This is because I am constantly fighting my own mind.

Mental health has an awful stigma attached to it and to end the stigma, we have to TALK about it! This is so important. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Severe Panic Disorder, and an unidentifiable eating disorder that has stemmed from my anxiety. BUT GUESS WHAT, that does not define who I am. I am Devon. I am a spiritual daughter of God, I am a musician, I am an artist, I love coffee and flowers, I love pigs and candles, I am empathetic, I am smart, I am kind, and God is going to use me to change the world however he designed me to.

My mental illness has changed me for the better in so many ways. My mental illness has given me the opportunity to help others who need support in their mental health situation.

Share my story! The world needs to hear this. #stopthestigma

2 thoughts on “New Blog Post by Devon Sleeth

  1. I am so proud of how you write about what you’re going through. Not to many people open up with what is going on with them. You are an inspiration to others and I can’t tell enough how proud I am of you. I love you so much and hope you keep doing what you’re doing. Keep fighting and keep writing. Never lose your faith and don’t change who you are.

  2. I am so inspired by your courage Devon. To share your story on such a personal level is truly inspiring. Keep spreading your message and keep moving forward….love you!

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